“Get It!” Recharging the driving spirit.

I believe I just finished a chapter in my life that I will look back on and think “Wow, how did I ever make it through that?” I was a full time MBA student, taking three courses during one semester, and one of those courses included Corporate Finance (where cohorts have been known to drop out in the middle of the semester because you need a B or higher to pass the class). My wife and I welcomed our first child, which has been quite a journey in a short time, and then there was freelance work as well as maintaining this blog and Coinopspace.com.

Coming off that stress I find that there can be a need to decompress. There certainly is plenty to do, and I have about 20 plus blog posts that could be written at any given time. A few days of relaxation can recharge that driving spirit. That is why when I saw this photo tonight I thought I would share it with you all. (more…)