Replacement Capacitors for Wizard of Wor PCB

Got my order from Bob Roberts tonight as planned. I did end up getting some sort of replacement for the original glass caps used on the Wizard Of Wor PCB, here are what they look like.

Wizard Of Wor Mylar Caps Photo

What I had been reading on the original ones on the board was a little off. On these caps you’ll see printed AVX 104 M5J 911. I don’t know what most of that means, other than 104 is synonomous with the .1 on the schematic. However, they don’t have the typical signs for polarity, and since they are caps and caps have always had polarity in my experience I will have to figure that out before putting it on the board.

Bob emailed me back right away, he is so great like that, and let me know that these caps don’t have a polarity on them, so either way is fine. I did just that and soldered the cap onto the board.

I powered up the game, and it seems to be working fine. It didn’t reset on me when I played, so that is great news. However, it does still have the lines through the screen so the next step will be a cap kit. I also thought that the one and two player buttons were a bit sticky, and the game voice seemed a little weird, like it was repeating. I have to test the Mame version and see what that does, hopefully that will give me a good indication. Otherwise I can go to Robert’s and test his Wizard of Wor to see how the voice piece works in his.

Wizard of Wor .1 microfarad capacitor

Called over to Menuier with my new found information. Once I said my Wizard of Wor PCB needed a “.1 microfarad ceramic cap” she knew right away what that is. She said they did have them. So hopefully I can make it over there on Monday to get a couple.

Wizard of Wor Capacitor Problem

I got a tremendous reply about my Wizard of Wor capacitor problem. A number of the collectors emailed me back and said they could provide me with photos. Another one went one step further and helped me identify from the schematic that it was indeed a capacitor I needed and what it is called.

On the schematic (Page 166 in the PDF online document) within the shape of the component there is a hand written .1. That means squat to me. I didn’t see a corresponding components “shopping” list with the diagram, only a list of the IC’s and other chips. Well, this collector let me know that usually .1 means that it is a “.1 microfarad ceramic cap”. That doesn’t give me a voltage, but that was specific enough.

Component C21 is what was burnt up and exploded.

Wizard Of Wor PCB Schematic Snapshot

Wizard of Wor blown resistor

Made the effort to get down to Menuir Electronics tonight to get some replacement parts for my Wizard of Wor board, A084-90708-A961. I needed at least a resistor that had broken at one leg, and I thought I would try to find a replacement for the axial diode, or capacitor, or whatever the component is that blew up on my Wizard of Wor PCB.

I had printed out the schematics, but they appeared to be hand written, and weren’t a lot of help. I knew the resistor was a 2.7K, but that was about it. She couldn’t help me with the capacitors, but she did have a connection like the red one on the board that got melted with the long fingers.

I replaced the resistor and connector when I got home, and removed the blown up diode. I then got on the horn with another collector here in the area that has a working Wizard of Wor to see if he could help compare to help me fix what I needed. I sent him some photos. Then I emailed some other contacts to see if they could help me identify the parts I needed to replace the diodes.