Photos of Arcade and Pinball Games at St. Louis Super Auctions April 2009

Last night Pat C. headed out with Kent M. to the Super Auctions preview. Just like the Indianapolis USAmusment auctions, you can take a gander at the games as they come in before the auction actually begins on Saturday morning. Pickings were pretty sparse, but there are a handful of classics which include a Missile Command and a couple of other games that aren’t too common. (more…)

New Arcade Keychains Designs

Brian finished some new arcade keychain designs, adding them to the existing Dig Dug, Zookeeper and Centipede. In the previous post I mentioned the Centipede keychain, but now we actually get to see photos as well as the new Joust and Robotron keychains. These photos are gorgeous, and I love the presentation in the custom packaging. (more…)