Cheyenne Sideart Update, Sort Of

I have had an email or two over the past couple of months asking me about the Cheyenne sideart. While this project hasn’t been my baby beyond the five minutes I had it, I don’t mind replying and reminding people what is going on with the reproduction art for this game. (more…)

NOS Cheyenne sold on eBay – $190

After being involved with the Exidy Cheyenne sideart project for about five minutes, I tend to take notice of artwork for the arcade game when it becomes available. Last week on eBay someone listed a NOS piece of Cheyenne side artwork as well as a control panel overlay (Auction No. 140247294909). Sunday was the final day for bidding and final price came in at $190!

NOS Cheyenne Sideart on eBay


Cheyenne Reproduction Artwork Update

All parties directly involved with the Cheyenne sideart reproductions feel like it might be worthwhile to explore having the scanned artwork printed with a solvent inkjet printer because of the complexity of the illustration. Can the artwork be vectorized? Certainly. It is a more question of what the owner wants. (more…)

Cheyenne Sideart Scan Arrives!

Exidy Cheyenne Artwork Thumbnail
On Saturday I got a disk in the mail of the 600DPI scan of the NOS Cheyenne sideart that will be reproduced by This Old Game. There has been a lot of talk about this rare NOS piece of Exidy artwork at the Klov forums and who can make the most accurate reproductions. (more…)