Agent X / Cloak Dagger Jacket

Yesterday I got an interesting email from another collector interested in Agent X information. His name is Alan, and he was looking for photos of an Agent X machine.

After an email exchange, he told me that he knew Dave Comstock, who was the Atari programmer that was supposed to port Cloak and Dagger over to the 5200. Dave Comstock owns one of the original Agent X machines, from the limited run that were produced. (That information is readily available on the internet.) Alan also mentioned that he owns a Cloak and Dagger jacket, only two were ever made. I thought that was kind of interesting and obscure, so here are two photos of the jacket below.

Rare Cloak Dagger Agent X Jacket 1Rare Cloak Dagger Agent X Jacket 2

I haven’t asked him yet, but depending on his relationship with Dave, maybe he bought one of the jackets from him. I am sure Dave has a ton of old Atari stuff since he is a former employee.

~Edit Alan had the Cloak and Dagger jackets made, so this particular arcade item wasn’t made by Atari. But it is definitely something you don’t see all the time.

Atari Agent X / Cloak Dagger Reproduction Artwork Update

This Old Game hadn’t updated progress on the Atari Agent X reproductions, so I thought I would email Rich and find out what was new. I heard back, and it sounds like things are progressing.

If you haven’t read anything about this set of Agent X reproductions before now, here is a short run down. Rick Ford has coordinated a project to get all of the artwork reproduced to build a complete Agent X machine. The Agent X artwork includes the marquee, speaker grill overlays, control panel overlay, kickplate, and sideart.

Originally the reproductions were going to be a very limited run, but there was some increased interest on the arcade forums when Rick made his announcement. Rich had made great progress getting each of the pieces printed, the marquee, the speaker grills, etc. But with the increased interest, he had to go back and print some more of that Agent X artwork. The films for these pieces of art are on loan from Scott Evans, so the quicker those pieces of Atari art can be finished, the better.

Once the catchup is finished, all of the final details can be worked out on the Agent X kickplate and sideart. That is exciting news, I can’t wait to finally see the Agent X kickplate artwork that I did get reproduced. The kickplate was pretty complex, and here is what Rich had to say about the Agent X sideart;

The films for the Agent X sideart were in small negative form, which I then had blown up to a full sized camera positive. I’ve also had a custom screen made to accomodate this big of a piece of artwork.

It turned out the guy I went through to make the screen worked in Atari’s production deptartment from 1979-1984. Kind of a cool story, and he had lots of insight too in regards to materials and production runs of the artwork.

The films are made for the sideart, all he needs to do is lay down the colors for the print. After the holidays are done, it would seem as the Agent X artwork could be finished sometime in January of 2008.

Here are a few of the images from showing the screens that have been made, three images of the screen printing process of the Agent X marquees, and one photo of the speaker grill overlays.

Agent X Marquee Printing Process 1Agent X Marquee Printing Process 2Agent X Marquee Printing Process 3Agent X Speaker Grill Overlays