Cloverfield Commercial – Slusho!

When I saw the trailer for Cloverfield a number of months back, I was pretty excited about the movie. I knew that it was the brainchild of J. J. Abrams, who created Lost and was involved with Mission Impossible 3.

I don’t have time to research this a lot right now, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this video for “Slusho – Happy Expressions”. It’s this Japanese drink company and somehow it relates to the Cloverfield movie debuting on the 18th of January next year. It’s some sort of viral campaign for the movie, I think I read somewhere that there is a contest to make the best Slusho Commercial. Check it out. If you don’t say to yourself, “What the Hell?” then you may need to check yourself into a rehab program, you my friend are too far gone and things like this seem like everyday life. But I love random stuff, and this made me laugh out loud.