Atari Cyberstorm Prototype Photos – Kinda

Seeing these ‘photos’ I kind of picture myself stumbling on some tiny little cardboard box in the back of Atari’s warehouse filled with old, faded, distressed photos. A little while back I had posted about an Atari Cyberstorm prototype on the west coast that the wife of an ex-Atari employee was looking to sell. I finally got some scans that look like they came right out of 1982.

Cyberstorm Prototype Marquee 1


Value of Atari Cyberstorm Prototype?

I received a message from an ex-wife of a former Atari employee out west who claims that she has an Atari prototype called Cyberstorm. Apparently her husband used to work for Atari and she is trying to figure out how much the game is worth and is trying to sell it. (more…)