Dark Knight pinball playfield photos!

Photos of Stern’s newest pinball, The Dark Knight, have hit the net via PinballSales.com. Thanks guys for getting these images of one of the most anticipated pinball games ever. It’s their own special retailer machine, you’ll see their logo in one of the photos. (more…)

Stern’s The Dark Knight Pinball Photo

I was looking for a post on RGP (Pinball Newsgroup) today, and came across a link to Pinball Sales and a photo of the new Dark Knight pinball that Stern is releasing to coincide with the movie starring Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart being released next week! Here’s the photo showing the Batman and Joker themed artwork on the cabinet. (more…)

It’s Aaron Eckhart as Two Face! (Image)

Warner Brothers is frantically sending C&D’s to websites over a certain image of Aaron Eckhart’s damaged face as Two Face. If you search ‘Two Face Concept Art’, you’ll be able to get more of the story. Typically I don’t like to repost content, but I had such a hard time finding photos / images of Two Face from The Dark Knight that I wanted everyone to be able to find and see Two-Face, even those who aren’t searching for ‘concept art’ from the Batman movie. (more…)

Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-05-04

  • First partial image Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face The Dark Knight Returns. Screen captures from brand new trailer – http://snipr.com/274w8 #
  • Ms. Pac-man in Pac-man cabaret arcade game on Lansing Craigslist – $350. Decent deal. Works –
    http://snipr.com/275eh #
  • $200 Moon Patrol – $100 Dr. Mario arcade games for sale in Georgia – Good deals, may already be taken…
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  • Atari Champsionship Sprint Arcade Game Indianapolis Craigslist Rockville – $125
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  • Cut Crochet Pac-man and ghosts set, made out of felt – $20 in Southfield Michigan –
    http://snipr.com/27ak2 #
  • Midway Gorf arcade game on Craigslist Youngstown Ohio Make offer situation, been sitting in a basement for years – http://snipr.com/273c8 #
  • Free Stern Astro Invader cabinet Brownsburg Indianapolis Craigslist – Has monitor, possibly PCB for Twin Eagle – http://snipr.com/26zd8 #
  • Sale Chillicothe, Ohio Arcade Games Church Fundraiser Deals? Atari Asteroids, Tempest, Missle Command, SI Deluxe – http://snipr.com/26tee #
  • Incredible Hulk Trailer 2! Wow. Now this comic movie I want to see. Much better than big monster vs. big monster, now we see some story. #
  • Incredible Hulk Movie Trailer Link –
    http://snipr.com/26k6c #
  • Great deal on Chicago Craigslist from yesterday? Galaga and Pac-man, make offer situation. HUO for many years? http://snipr.com/26kaa #
  • Rush Attack Dig Dug $300 for both – Detroit Craigslist – Decent Deal – http://snipr.com/26kt5 #
  • Batman on Film – new viral Dark Knight Trailer online this Sunday, May 4th. I want to see intense Harvey Dent "No" again, not bootlegged. #
  • One of the most unique arcade games all time – Maneater – Fiberglass cabinet shaped like shark – Super rare! Ebay.
    http://snipr.com/26mhp #
  • Near North Tonawanda? Potential good deals on some 50+ arcade games in buy bulk with a ton of jukeboxes –
    http://snipr.com/26n87 #

Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-04-30

  • New Panoramic Batman Dark Knight movie poster. Again, I feel so so about this image. Its a solid fake image – http://snipr.com/26eke #
  • Curious about prices that arcade games sell for at auctions? Check out results from Milwaukee from this month. http://snipr.com/26gdc #
  • Joker vandalized version of the newest Dark Knight trailer. Pretty terrible quality, but the story behind it is really original, love that. #
  • Link to Dark Knight trailer Joker style –
    http://snipr.com/26k5b #

Arcade Links for 2008-04-29

  • Nw Batman The Dark Knight Inernational Posters. Heath Ledger Joker and Batpod are good, the rest, not so much. http://snipr.com/268mb #
  • Free Commando Upright Arcade Game, Holland MI Craigslist – http://snipr.com/268n8 #
  • New Dark Knight Batman movie trailer bootlegged by rabid viral marketing fans. Bad quality, but you get the jist – http://snipr.com/26aep #
  • $30 Ms. Pac-man Detroit Craiglist. Wow! Steal. Plus $20 for Delivery – Easy. Prank? No Sideart, solid blue. – http://snipr.com/264r7 #
  • NY Times article, inside look into Stern pinball, last remaining pinball manufacturer in the world –
    http://snipr.com/264×8 #
  • Seinfeld Frogger episode on Fox right now Indianapolis. Never seen the 1st part, diggin it, even though that Sega Frogger cabinet is ugly. #
  • Gyruss is a great arcade game, $400 for a nice looking one, good control panel, but one bad corner isn’t a bad price – Chicago Craigslist. #
  • Centuri Gyruss Link – http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/657619647.html #
  • New articles on Rotheblog on how to have arcade game artwork reproduced starting from ground zero – http://snipr.com/260ln #
  • Second part of the reproduction artwork primers, getting committed buyers for your project –
    http://snipr.com/260lo #
  • Atari Battlezone arcade game Chicago Craigslist. Not a bad price at $350, but not working –
    http://snipr.com/261at #
  • Laseball Pinball game / machine in Fishers (North of Indianapolis) Craigslist – $400 – Works –
    http://snipr.com/261av #

Arcade Links for 2008-04-25

  • Galaxian – $50 – Detroit Craigslist – Good deal? Missing PCB and sides painted over. Who knows.
    http://snipr.com/25ps8 #
  • New Batman The Dark Knight Awesome movie poster – Warning – Hi-res Version – ‘Welcome to a world without rules’ – http://snipr.com/25qzq #
  • Little Chief Pinball in Pittsburgh – Craigslist – $275. Did they store the backglass in water? Jeezo. –
    http://snipr.com/25tcn #
  • Video rotating control panels depending game – Mame arcade machine – Seen something similar before, still cool – http://snipr.com/25j2o #
  • Ever play Mappy on those Jakks handheld systems that plug into your tv? Now I have the full size arcade game! – http://snipr.com/25jpu #
  • Multi-Williams Duramold. Ever seen a plastic Duramold cabinet? Check this out, and for a steal of only $1200 😉 #
  • Multi-Williams Duramold in Allentown, PA link –
    http://snipr.com/25l81 #
  • Shipping an arcade game using NAVL? Look at these tips to make sure you protect yourself from damage –
    http://snipr.com/25m90 #
  • Free Arcade Cabinet on Chicago Craigslist –
    http://snipr.com/25f7o #
  • Good deal on an R-type with monitor issues? Columbus Craigslilst – Make Offer –
    http://snipr.com/25f7r #
  • New chat built into Facebook. Do we really another way to be distracted? #
  • Already Posted Klov, & saw this South Park episode, missed it? William’s Sinistar appearance in Imaginationland
    http://snipr.com/25ho5 #
  • Diigo is better than Delicious, it’s scrumptous. Got 1-2 people interested pooling arcade game resource websites . http://snipr.com/25hvm #
  • Old Operator Arcade Game Stash, including rare conversion kits, Bally Roadrunner, Taito Crazy Climber, Exidy Chiller & more. #
  • Old Arcade Operator Stash Flickr Photo Album –
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