Arcade Game Bookmarks with Diigo

Has this ever happened to you? Three years ago during the course of my normal working day my Firefox was corrupted and all of a sudden I lost 100’s of bookmarks never to be seen again. Gone! Poof! Now, I had backed them up, but like any normal person, did I back them up every day? Hell no.

Immediately I thought, “This is ineffecient, surely there must be a better way of storing offline booksmarks.” At the time online ‘social bookmarking’ services, where we store and share bookmarks with others, were just coming into prominance so I gave it a shot and never turned back. Why is this important for bookmarking arcade game resources? Read on and I will explain in depth. (more…)

Arcade Twitter added!

Never heard of Twitter? You are not alone, many people haven’t heard of this Web 2.0 idea. What is it? Let me try to explain in my own words.

Rotheblog Arcade Twitter Account

Twitter is a website where you can update your status with thoughts, ideas, or information. The nanoposts are supposed to be within 140 characters, working well for many services including RSS, XML, and SMS for phones. The main problem with the service is finding a true usefulness to justify spending time writing messages.

The main reason I have chosen to use Twitter is because it is perfect for sharing information on my blog that isn’t noteworthy enough to have a whole post about. I don’t have to go into WordPress and make a new post, I just write a short note integrated from my email and my Twitter status updates.

I have determined that Twitter is perfect for sharing and explaining links to cool arcade related sites that may or may not have been shared all over the forums, or some piece of information I found but don’t plan on developing a post about. (Of course, most of these links are also included in my Diigo links on the “links” button above, and they rotate constantly as I may bookmark about 20 websites a day, depending on how much research I am doing.)

I also like Twitter because by incorporating it into my blog, my blog always has that “fresh” information feel. It let’s people know what I am up to, and fosters that much more of a community.

One of the downsides right now is who else even uses Twitter? It would be cool to follow some other people and what they are doing, but I don’t have that many geeky friends. Among that set of friends, my perception is that if they don’t see a monetary purpose in using Twitter, why use it? I agree totally, so I need to try to find other serious bloggers and online entrepreneurs that find Twitter useful, and that may mean finding a whole new group of friends. That would be swell and rad all at once.

Check out my Twitter’s in the sidebar, see what I am up to, and check out a ton of cool arcade related links. This Twitter Tools plugin by Alex King should compile my daily twitter’s into a WordPress post where users can comment on the links. But I haven’t seen how that works yet. Should be cool.

Are any of my readers using Twitter?

I don’t like the fact that there is no “edit” feature, but maybe that will be added in later. What do you like or dislike about the service? What do you use it for?