Dynamo Cabinet 19″ Monitor Mount Board Dimensions

Last Saturday I mounted a 19″ monitor in my Tetris Dynamo cabinet. The cabinet is 25.5″ wide, so I don’t think it was meant to fit a 25″ monitor originally, the monitor opening is 22.25″ x 22.25″ square. Maybe it was meant for a 21″ monitor?

Either way, the opening was way too large for me to mount my 19″ monitor without some customization. A JAMMA cabinet, they are meant to be universal cabinet for any game. Probably an easy job for most guys with power tools. But I didn’t have any, so I called in a friend.

The night before I measured out the board we were cutting, and I thought I would share those dimensions here in case someone else could use the information.

I had a 3/4″ thick piece of plywood scrap that I got for free that I worked with. I think the thicker the better since the monitor is so heavy.

Here are photos of the monitor mounted in the cabinet;

Image of Dynamo Cabinet 19Image of Dynamo Cabinet 19

And here is the dimensions for cutting a board to fit your dynamo cabinet and mount a smaller monitor.

Image of Dynamo Cabinet 19

Notes: The holes that I drilled were 1/4″ for the mounting bolts. I made this drawing for a horizontally framed monitor. You will notice the slots to the side for the frame flaps to slide through.

The dimensions are as following (Converted to the decimal);

  • Total Board Size – 22.25″ x 22.25″
  • Inner Square Total Size – 14.5″ H x 18.25″ W
  • Monitor Flap Slots – 1″ H x 1.0625″ W
  • Space Horizontally around cutout – 1.875″
  • Space Vertically around cutout – 3.875″
  • Bolt Placement From The Left of Board (Top and Bottom) – 2.625″, 9″, 15.5″
  • Space to center of holes – 75″

Hope I described that clearly. Like I said above, I had to make the opening a little taller than 14.5″ to fit the 19″ Electrohome monitor screws.

Dynamo Cabinet Push Buttons – How to disassemble?

I was dinking around with my Tetris Dynamo cabinet this morning, and I got on a kick to clean the buttons. They have all the dirt and the grim on the sides that make it so they hardly work.

However, after I took the buttons off, they didn’t have the typical bottom where you would have a micro-switch, and I could not for the life of me figure out how to take them apart.

Here are some photos;

Tetris Dynamo Cabinet Pushbuttons - TopTetris Dynamo Cabinet Pushbuttons - Bottom

Does anyone know what types of buttons these are? They have an “IL” printed on them. I would like to take them apart to clean the buttons up easier.

More Tetris Photos

In trying to figure out what or how I am going to mount a 19″ monitor in the dynamo Tetris cabinet, here are some more photos of the front and the back directly on.

Tempest Cabinet FrontTempest Cabinet Back

Dynamo Tetris Cabinet takes a 25″ monitor?

That would change things for me a little bit.  I had no idea until I got to looking at it yesterday and thought, there is no way I can just put a 19″ raster arcade monitor into this Tetris.  I did some measuring and asked Tim, and sure enough, I would need to do some woodworking or something else to mount the monitor I have in this cabinet.

So, I have to ask myself, is the work worth it?  It is a Jamma cabinet, I looked at that yesterday, so that is cool for a multi-use kind of situation, but do I want to do all the work on this game to get a monitor to mount?  Mind you, I feel like there would need to be some engineering because of the weight of the monitor in the cabinet, mounted to only wood in this case (currently), and then what?  I sell the game?  I don’t want to keep space just for a Tetris, I would rather have a Playchoice 10 for that.

I have to think about it really good.  Maybe I can sell that one two, but it is a lot more unlikely.