Short update on the Cheyenne artwork project

This has been going on for a long time, hasn’t it? Last time I posted back in Sept. 2008, way I had a Cheyenne artwork update that basically said – no new news. In order for Brian Jones to print a set of this artwork, set = both sides, he needs scans of the left piece of sideart. I am sure by now, it’s probably disheartening to him that no one has offered to scan their cabinet. But we’ve heard consistent rumblings from guys that want to see this project done and a couple new developments have happened this week. (more…)

Cheyenne Sideart Update, Sort Of

I have had an email or two over the past couple of months asking me about the Cheyenne sideart. While this project hasn’t been my baby beyond the five minutes I had it, I don’t mind replying and reminding people what is going on with the reproduction art for this game. (more…)