Strange Jungle King Cabinet Artwork

Yet again, talk of that rare white Mr. Do! arcade cabinet came up this weekend. Someone forwarded me a link for a strange looking Popeye conversion that has what appears to be some Jungle King / Jungle Hunt artwork but the interesting thing is that, while the bezel and marquee are Popeye, the control panel and kickplate artwork look just like the white Mr. Do!

Jungle King - Rare License Cabinet Artwork 1


Falcon made the sideart Mr. Do!?

I had someone contact me on my post earlier this week on another mention of white Mr. Do! machines in upstate New York. They said that these Mr. Do! machines were very similar to Crazy Kong and Crazy Kong Jr. cabinets made by Falcon. Same cabinet design same ‘water soluble sideart’ (This was an interesting comment, the idea being that the sideart would come off with water whether it was soluble or not).

I checked Xmission for photos of the cabinet without any luck. I also posted on the Klov forums looking for better photos of the Crazy Kong cabinet. It was not surprising that I got little help. But I did find one other decent photo and I can see some of the similarities in the cabinet design. Here they are. (more…)