Heath Ledger Passes Away

Heath Ledger Photo
I was shocked to hear about this tragic death. Heath Ledger passed away yesterday….I am just, in disbelief. Of course the jackyl media is all over the story, trying to pin drugs and other fame tortured causes to Ledger’s passing. But you know it has to just be an accident.

What does this mean for The Dark Knight? I won’t add any new ideas to this news story, but you have to believe that Warner will still release the movie, it is too big of a money maker (sad, but true) to not. Too much investment.

And Ledger will be awesome as the Joker. This will be his crowning achievement, or at least I hope it will be regarded as the best role he ever took on over any movie. (edit – content removed)

10 Things I Hate was a fun movie, he was good in Patriot, and as a whole, he was a very talented actor. The media is make these claims that he was “poised” to be the “New Hollywood”, but how can they make a call like that? One thing is for sure, his success would have grown, and Heath is yet another example of “only the good die young”.

Heath Ledger’s death, probably due to an incorrect dosage of medication, reminds me somehow of Brandon Lee, even though the circumstances are wildly different.

This may be great publicity for The Dark Knight. I just hope Warner doesn’t take advantage of the situation and add some sort of label to the movie as a marketing ploy, that it was Ledger’s last film. Especially since we know how much respect Christopher Nolan had for Ledger. Nolan would never allow that, and this whole situation could be even more devastating if not handled correctly.

As a entertainment consumer, I will miss you Ledger.

“Dark Knight” Chicago filming completed

Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight
According to a couple of sources, including “Batman On Film”, the filming of The Dark Knight in Chicago has wrapped. They finished sometime in early September, don’t really have the time or the inclination to search for an exact date.

Kind of bummed. I had intentions to get up there to try to see something from afar, but the cost of gas kept me home. I will always probably be “I wish I would’ve”. I was kind of hoping to tie a trip to Chicago to try to catch Dark Knight filming with a couple of others things:) But they didn’t shoot long enough.

Well, now I guess I’ll just have to look forward to December for the trailer. It should be attached to Will Smith’s “I Am Legend”.