This just in, popular ‘Mint’ arcade games CAN still be found

Found? More like tracked. Four years ago, nearly to the weekend, I was at a local Sherwin Williams picking up yellow paint to use on my newly acquired Pac-man arcade cabinet. With the backdoor in hand for color matching I met a girl who knew the significance of that piece of wood which started a dialog that led me to make some interesting finds. (more…)

Pole Position arcade cabinet for sale

Short and sweet – I picked up a nearly complete Atari Pole Position arcade game this week in Indianapolis. If you are in the surrounding suburbs and looking to purchase an arcade cabinet for a mame project, hybrid arcade game, or restoration please get in touch with me. (more…)

Easy How-To: Arcade cabinet black mold

Even four years into this crazy arcade game collecting hobby, I am still amazed at how many cabinets get some exposure to moisture. ‘Water Damage’ is an over used term that less savvy collectors use to describe cabinets with everything from mild swelling to wood particle board deterioration.

On Monday, I had to sit by and watch a cabinet sit in the rain and truly define ‘water damage’. (more…)

A Road Blasters cabinet that doubled as a shop sponge

I’ve been swamped, with a major project that takes 12-14 hours on average every day of the week. I hope to turn a corner on that soon. Now that summer is here, it appears that some arcade movement has started – that first movement might be more of a body shaking shutter, but every other game looks uphill from here. (more…)

The ‘almost’ Craigslist $35 cocktail deal

The morning routine – Oatmeal, juice, email and then Craigslist. I sat down at about 7:30 yesterday and saw a listing for an ‘old table game non working’ that was posted the night prior just after 10pm. At the worst I figured it could be a Sega cocktail cabinet with those ugly metal legs. But, ‘worst’ ended up being a relative term. (more…)

Alohomora! Indianapolis based Dream Authentics locks up Harry Potter license

“Its new to me”, as NBC pitched it’s sitcom reruns. I heard over the weekend about a local company that makes custom arcade game cabinets (read aggregated emulator package) Dream Authentics landed a license to produce Harry Potter ‘pinhedz’. While not at all arcade related beyond the product division relation to the parent ‘DreamTrust Corp.’ I was happy to hear this news. (more…)

Play arcade games in Broad Ripple

Looking for locations out and about to play arcade games? Great classics like a hideous Battlefrogs and yet another Multicade? Didn’t think so. But if you’re in the Broadripple area and you really need a fix, these two might fill the need. Here’s where they’re at. (more…)