A newly minted pinball collector

About a month and a half of storage is about my max now-adays for any coin-op machine that I don’t plan to keep. I picked up that New World pinball in Indianapolis back the first week of April. This past weekend I sold that pinball machine to guy in Rockford, IL for which I can only say – it’s never to late to be bitten by the bug 🙂 (more…)

Picked up a new pinball from Spain.

Just drove right over, 80 hours one way, car is still a little water logged. All in a day’s work to pick up a New World pinball by Playmatic. (more…)

The ‘almost’ Craigslist $35 cocktail deal

The morning routine – Oatmeal, juice, email and then Craigslist. I sat down at about 7:30 yesterday and saw a listing for an ‘old table game non working’ that was posted the night prior just after 10pm. At the worst I figured it could be a Sega cocktail cabinet with those ugly metal legs. But, ‘worst’ ended up being a relative term. (more…)

Alohomora! Indianapolis based Dream Authentics locks up Harry Potter license

“Its new to me”, as NBC pitched it’s sitcom reruns. I heard over the weekend about a local company that makes custom arcade game cabinets (read aggregated emulator package) Dream Authentics landed a license to produce Harry Potter ‘pinhedz’. While not at all arcade related beyond the product division relation to the parent ‘DreamTrust Corp.’ I was happy to hear this news. (more…)

Indianapolis operators hate EM Pinball machines

Or so it would seem. When pinball and arcade machines were at their peak, operators view these games as money making machines, and nothing more. Once a game had made back it’s money and then some, the views were two fold – either the games were worthless, or the resale value of said games were just as much as the purchase price. Indianapolis operators were no different, and here is the urban legend of two houses full of EM pinball machines in the Indianapolis area that were bulldozed to the ground, with the pinballs still inside. (more…)

Fall Indianapolis USAmusements Auction October 2008

Overall I was generally impressed with the USAmusements arcade game auction that took place in Indianapolis last Saturday. There was about the same amount of classic arcade games, but in terms of volume I would say that there were about 20% more games than usual, and quite a few more pinballs. I got photos of just about everything, and prices for a handful of items. (more…)

Flip Flop pinball deal in Indianapolis, IN

About two weeks ago an old EM Flip Flop pinball game came up on Craigslist for $100. Tempting to me, but I have enough going on that I didn’t need any more projects and I didn’t pursue this pinball. Sounds like it wouldn’t have mattered, about 30 people contacted the seller but someone I know ended up with it. (more…)