Friday’s are for relaxing

Sarah and I went to the gym right after work, for only the second time this week meaning we’ll have to go sometime this weekend.

When we got back, we both just chilled out. I made a quick post on the blog, and then I got to take a bath, it’s been awhile. I think I knew I had plenty to do, and had one of those overwhelming segments of time. I just tried to focus on what absolutely “had” to be done for tomorrow.

Sarah slept on the couch for most of the night. I played a little bit of Jr. Pac-man, but I also reviewed my online IUPUI app and figured out some things. Also canceled the Blockbuster account for a little while to help me focus and have one less distraction.

Then, it was out to the garage to dimension out the board we’d be cutting in the morning. This was the only necessary thing I had to have done by the morning. Paul was coming over fairly early and we were going to cut down that piece of plywood to fit in the Tetris cabinet and to mount the monitor in there. It took me over an hour to think through all of the cuts, it seemed like it too me too long for how complex it actually was.

I studied for only a half hour tonight, it was so late that I knew if I started before I went to bed it would be useless. Tomorrow I will be better.