I bought an awesome Mad Planets for $50!

I’m still in shock, these things can transpire so quickly. Yesterday was a normal day, push through the leadership coursework, caught up with a couple of people, sit down in front of my computer and what do I have waiting in my RSS feeds? A Mad Planets for sale for $100 in Evanston on Craigslist. But the ad was posted at noon, surely it was gone by then. It wasn’t…and I even got it cheaper!

Mad Planets Marquee Lit Up


Acquiring more pieces to the Mad Planets puzzle

I love getting packages in the mail, especially when you generally know when they’re coming but not when. We were away from home over the weekend, but when I got home there was a package sitting at home waiting for me with some more pieces for my Mad Planets, pieces I wasn’t sure I could get but then became available this week and now they’re in hand. (more…)

New Mad Planet CPO Reproductions

I would try to stay away from reposting information that was in the common arcade collecting groups, but I came across this post from Quarter Arcade about Mad Planet control panel overlay reproductions this morning just as it came across the wire. (more…)