Free Major Havoc level editor

Late last month, right around the time of the Owen Rubin live chat at Coinopspace I had written a post about Jess Askey announcing that he was going to make a free level editor for Atari’s Major Havoc that would allow the average user to drag and drop elements in a graphical interface to create their own stages that could then be taken and burned onto ROMs. In case you missed it, Jess quitely released his editor and one level has been made. (more…)

Major Havoc – Make your own levels

For huge Major Havoc buffs, everyone knows Own Rubin the creator and a lot of guys who got into collecting the game over the past 10 years got to know Jess Askey. Jess Askey has spent the better part of ten years taking the original code for Major Havoc, modifying the original gameplay and adding his own levels. (Don’t believe me, check out his volume of Major Havoc posts at Vectorlist)

The most recent generation of guys know Jeff Kulczycki for his Donkey Kong 2 levels, but as best I understand it, Jess’s level additions to Major Havoc are similar but took place in a time where the hobby was relegated to more simple communication systems. Jess released his Major Havoc modifications under the title Major Havoc: Return to Vax a few years back and is now looking to enlist the average MH enthusiast to contribute to another version of the gameplay. (more…)