Maneater – Have the Roms ever been dumped?

Does anyone know about this one? I know Maneaters are hard to come by, but have the roms from a working PCB ever been dumped from this game? Does someone have a link to where they are hosted online? I have searched some of the more predominant Mame rom websites and didn’t see anything at first blush. (more…)

Crazy arcade game of the day – Night Driver Cockpit

Got to talking with a new friend at the fall USAmusments auction here in Indianapolis, and he was telling me about Night Driver. I only knew Night Driver from the flyer, the colorful well designed and retro flyer. I said “Oh yeah, the upright with the purple and yellow artwork, I’ve never played it”.

“No”, he said. “The cockpit version, it’s hard to describe.”

I looked up the Night Driver cockpit when I got home, kind of like a horizontal Computer Space without the collector demand. (more…)