Scanned Both Versions of Sega’s Pengo Marquee

Tonight I got around to finish scanning both of the Pengo Marquees that I have, version 1 where Pengo is standing, and version 2 where Pengo is pushing an ice block.

Sega Pengo Marquee Standing VersionSega Pengo Marquee Pushing Ice Block Version

I’ll be checking the artwork off of Arcade Art Library against my scan to see how accurate it is. I plan on vectorizing both Sega marquee versions eventually, possibly over Christmas, but will probably only reproduce the Pengo standing version of the marquee.

The standing Pengo marquee version was given to me for free when I stopped to visit an arcade operator in Ohio. The marquee is pretty sad, you notice the brush stroke type section of the print that is missing. The back of the marquee has some residue on it, and it appears as if someone put some sort of cleaner on the marquee, wiped it away, and didn’t think that by putting it on the artwork side would wipe away some of the Pengo artwork.

The Pengo pushing the ice block version of the marquee is what was in my game. I think this is the less common version, so I found it interesting that my mostly HUO Pengo had this version and not the standing version.