On the road home again

I got to spend some time with Justin in the morning before they went to church. We watched another couple episodes of Scrubs, we said our goodbyes, and I waited for Sarah to return from Grand Haven to get me. I had some breakfast, watched a few more episodes, and then just before noon we were on the road.

The trip was long and arduous as usual. It didn’t help that we got pulled over, but nothing came of it fortunately.

We got back to the Indianapolis area just a touch before 4. I was going to stop at a friend’s house on the northside, he had a switching power supply he was going to give me. We waited for awhile and listened to the beginning of the Colts game before I figured out that I hadn’t communicated as well as I thought I had and the friend wouldn’t be back home for awhile. So we left.

I thought for sure that Indianapolis was going to beat the Patriots yet again. We were up 20-10 at the half, Tom Brady looked sloppy, and our running game looked awesome. But the much maligned Colts Achilles heel is our inability this year to stop the return. The Patriots held us back in our territory a couple of times forcing a number of kicks they returned for great field position. Tom Brady was intercepted twice in the game, but in the end, they won it 24-20. We had great defense for most of the game, but our passing game just wasn’t up to snuff without Marvin Harrison. Manning did good, he threw one interception, but looked poised for the most part, as long as the defense kept him safe.

We knew one team would leave with their first loss of the season (Patriots 8-0, Colts 7-0). Too bad it had to be the Colts.

There wasn’t much left for us the rest of the night after that. I wasn’t feeling motivated, so I just watched my cartoons and did a couple little things on the computer before calling it a night. At least I am not going to work tomorrow. I feel bad for Sarah, after such a short weekend she was back at it on Monday.