Wanna see the twins?

Common question on the set of any Brad Pitt movie I am sure, but in this case, my two Vision Pro monitors arrived from Happ on Monday.

Happ Vision Pro Monitors

I got two monitors in the mail on Monday (one’s for a friend). Where’s the original arcade related information you ask? This post is specifically for any other collectors here in Indianapolis, Indiana to gauge how much shipping and tax would be to buy your very own Happ 19″ Vision Pro while they are still on sale this month. It isn’t a knock ’em sock ’em robots deal, but it’s better than usual. Here’s the breakdown shipped to 46227.

  • Flat Monitor Cost – $270
  • Shipping – $36.99
  • Tax – $18.42

Oh, and I should mention I put in my order on Friday, and my monitors shipped that afternoon and arrived at my home residence on Monday afternoon! Granted, I believe Happ has a distribution center in Chicago, but I was very happy with the expediency and thrilled the monitors arrived free of damage.

Happ Vision Pro 19″ – $135 Feb. 2008

19 Got a call today from the local Happ representative, Jill Reams. I had contacted her a couple of times this month to see if Happ Vision Pro monitors would be going on sale again anytime soon. She gave me a call today and let me know that they are on the sale flyer for the month of February 2008 for $135 plus shipping. (I believe they ship out of Chicago) If you buy four or more you can get them for $130 price point.

I will be getting at least one this time around, if not two, another one for a friend on his behalf. The last time they were on sale I believe was last October, and at the time I didn’t think it was a good decision to get one. I have one brand new Vision Pro 19″ in my Jr. Pac-man, and you just can’t beat that brand new monitor. The one I am getting this time around will either go in my Pengo, which has an old, crappy, Electrohome with a good amount of Pac screen burn, or in my Mame machine that maybe one day I will finish.

Get yours now, this is a pretty good deal. I think they come out to about $150 with shipping if I remember right.