Bringing back the “Arcade away from home” Part 1

Somehow in the span of a month I managed to double the size of my arcade, the only problem was all of the machines were in Chicago. In March and April I found a Mad Planets for $50, my white Mr. Do! and another game that I hope to be sharing about by Sunday and somehow I had to get them back home. (more…)

Mr. Do! Instructions Artwork Finalized

Monday was a long day, studying for a Marketing Strategy midterm, so when I got home I needed to zone, watch some baseball and I also picked this vector artwork project back. After a couple of months, the Mr. Do! instruction artwork is vectorized and ready to roll. Here are a couple of the challenges I encountered with this particular piece.

Mr. Do! Instructions Artwork Final


Mr. Do! Instructions Artwork Progress 2

I haven’t forgotten about my project to vectorize and prep the Universal Mr. Do! instruction artwork for reproductions. I have been picking at the artwork when I can, worked on it for an hour or so on my little mini vacation to Toronto for Fan Expo at the end of August, and I do a half hour stint here and there. The text matching has been a bore, but you can see that I am through most of that. (more…)

Bootleg or Willis Mr. Do! Artwork

Got an email from a reader who has a Universal style Mr. Do! that he built from scratch! As I wait on photos from him for that cool project he also sent me photos of the artwork on the cabinet. The control panel artwork has some elements from the original Universal control panel, but is a bootleg and feels a lot like a Willis piece. (more…)

Mr. Do! Cocktail Conversion Artwork

Yesterday I was browsing for some Food Fight photos and came across this photo on another well known arcade collector’s website. Obviously a conversion as Mr. Do! did not come in a Midway style cabinet, this is probably the best looking Mr. Do! cocktail I have ever seen.

Mr. Do! Cocktail Arcade Game


White Mr. Do! in New York

A little persistence and a good memory pays off. Last week I saw a post on the Klov forums by a member named ‘alphamonster’ (Eric D.). That rang a bell and I remembered that I was tracking down an arcade collector by the same handle who I thought had a white Mr. Do! with sideart. Turns out I was right, and this time I was more successful. (more…)

Oversize films at This Old Game

As I have gotten to know Rich over the past 6-9 months I have gotten to know a lot about his business and how the production moves from the initial interest of a reproduction artwork project down to the final physical pieces. Sending out films for production that are considered oversize can add a little bit of time to a project. Well, Rich recently got a doozie of a deal that is going to make his capabilities to print full size arcade sideart much easier. (more…)