Stenciling a Ms. Pac-man – Part 6

In the last part of the Ms. Pac-man tutorial we taped up the stencil, positioned it and then removed the backing and smoothed the stencil to the cabinet. You can repeat this step for the other two sides, I will try to show photos of this later. Today, we’re going to look at removing the pre-mask on the sideart stencil and then taping up your cabinet for the yellow coat, finally! (more…)

Leaving Chicago is always stressful

I was up early, but I got a good amount of sleep. The air mattress held air last night, so I got up around 8:30-9. Tim and Mark were already up. Sarah slept for a little while longer.

I got on the laptop and figured out how to get on their internet. I sent out some emails and Mark and I talked about baseball some. Last night both the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks finished up their sweeps of the Phillies and Cubs respectively. Pretty impressive actually, the Rockies have now won 17 of 18 games. (more…)