The Glob NOS Conversion Kit Found!

A member of the arcade collecting community turned up a real gem this weekend at an old operator’s warehouse, a complete NOS (New Old Stock) conversion kit. I have ties to this game now since I have vectorized most of the Glob artwork and someday will finish designing custom kickplate artwork for the game as well. If you haven’t ever played Glob before, it is a really fun game. The artwork is ok, here’s a photo of the pieces of the NOS kit. (more…)

NOS arcade game control panel overlays, sideart & marquees

Another update from Anthony at QuarterArcade.com on the arcade game warehouse discovery in PA. We know he got a large quantity of NOS (New Old Stock – Unused old arcade artwork) in the warehouse buy and today we have a more comprehensive list with some photos. The tip of the iceberg, take a look at this photo below showing the rolls of new sideart, I can see Tempest (4th Lft), Eagle, Black Widow (5th rt) and Mylstar (4th rt). Click through the jump to read a more comprehensive list of the game artwork and buying details.

QuarterArcade.com NOS Artwork