Buying warehouses / bulk lots of arcade games

If you are in the Indianapolis area, state of Indiana, or in a nearby surrounding state like Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois or Michigan and have a bunch of arcade games, pinball machines, or coin operated equipment that you are looking to sell in one fowl swoop, I would be interested to talk to you.

Buying arcade / pinball games and parts in bulk

If you have a warehouse or storage location that you are looking to clean out and you have just have stacks of monitors, push buttons, manuals, joysticks, wiring and harnessses, and everything else under the sun drop me a line – rothecreations@gmail.com. I would be interested in purchasing all of your remaining inventory in one bulk buy. Some of the searches you might perform if you are an operator or distributor and looking to sell off all of your games;

  • sell bulk arcade games
  • buy bulk arcade games
  • sell lots coin op games
  • sell lot arcade games
  • sell lot pinball machines
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Still not sure if we are talking about the same thing? Here is an example or two of what I am talking about, arcade game collectors buying out retiring operators;