Lower Professor Pac-man cpanel artwork

Tonight I was procrastinating on other things that I needed to do, so I decided I would just finished this piece of artwork for the Professor Pac-man. I don’t know what you call this exactly, it’s the lower Professor Pac-man overlay, or underlay, basically the artwork right below the control panel. The Professor was all that was left with some miscellaneous pieces of the tables and chairs. You can see a small image of the finished artwork below.

Professor Pac-man Control Overlay Bottom

I kind of like having whole collection of unattainable artwork, or rare at the very least. I would like to do the Professor Pac-man sideart next if Richard will continue to indulge me and take photos.

Progress Professor Pac-man cpanel artwork

Worked a little more on the bottom section of the Professor Pac-man control panel overlay. I did a good deal of work, got through the blue ghost and most of the orange ghost before I worked on other pressing things.

Professor Pac-man

Professor Pac-man Lettering
Professor Pac-man Game Photo

I didn’t know too much about the game, other than it was trivia based game with questions and answers. Reading klov, it says that the game had over 500 unique answers, which really isn’t a ton. Midway thought this was going to be the next big type of game, but it flopped immediately, and only 400 were ever made.

Not a type of game that appealed to me, Pac-man based or not, I didn’t figure that I would be doing artwork for this game. But Richard Ford asked me if I could redo the control panel for him, I believe he has two of the few that still remain. The second one needs the parts, and hence the artwork.