R-Type is sold and gone

Today at lunch I went home to meet the ebay winner from last week. The auction ended on Thursday, about 18 people were watching it, but it didn’t turn into a bidding war, I had only two bids.

But the guy out of Chicago who won it really wanted it for awhile, so I was just glad someone won it who really loves the game. I love it too, but I don’t need a dedicated cabinet for it, at least not now. My name is signed on the inside in permanent marker, so someday if I decide I want it back when I have my mansion, I can hunt it down. But I imagine even then I won’t be able to beat it:)

Here are some photos of it getting loaded up.

R-Type Getting Loaded Up Photo 1R-Type Getting Loaded Up Photo 2

Where I got it – The R-Type

I picked up a R-Type arcade machine in the dead row at the Indianapolis USAmusements auction in October of 2006. There was a note on the cabinet that said “works, needs monitor”. That is pretty risky to just believe, but I waited just in case. I couldn’t look inside of the cabinet, but when the R-Type came up for bid it didn’t matter. The arcade machine went for a whopping $25, and I figured at the very least I could make that money back if it didn’t work.

Justin was down for the weekend, so he had the van, which was another motivator because I could easily get the R-Type home. So, with the charge for parking added in plus tax and gas, I paid about $33 for the whole thing.

R-Type Marquee