Live Tim Skelly chat a success!

Tim Skelly was the first live creator chat (February 4th, 2009) at and everything went pretty smooth. Right around 50 members attended the event and Tim was nice enough to extend the session from an hour to just over 2! And as a result, most all members questions got answered and a few new insights were uncovered.

Here is the formatted version of that transcript. I have taken the information relevant to the conversation and formatted it so that the arcade history is more easy to pick out. The original chat was over 28 pages so paring this down was imperative for anyone serious about reading 🙂 (more…)

Chat with Tim Skelly – Group Event at

If you have no understanding of who Tim Skelly is you probably haven’t typed up a search in Google. The talented Tim Skelly developed a ton of fan favorite games, pushing the envelope of interactive gaming at the time and he was just in his late 20’s. Games like Rip Off, Armor Attack and War of the Worlds are just a few of his credits, and on February 4th, 2009 Tim will be chatting with the arcade community at Read on for more details and how to join in. Logo