Using Ning Tutorial – Import an RSS Feed

Continuing to spotlight value added reasons of my new arcade social network, the Arcade Game Collectors Community, tonight a short look into importing an RSS feed into your profile. Say you already have a blog, arcade related or not. You don’t want to write your content on Ning but instead continue to maintain your website. No problem, just pull your website RSS feed into Ning. It’s a great way to promote your website and at the same time it will seem like you actively update your profile without having to do anything! (more…)

Ning vs. Klov Round 2 – RSS Feeds

In continuing to spotlight why the Ning Arcade Game Collecting Community is so much better than the Klov arcade game forums and why you should consider switching here is a major feature that can make your life easier – RSS feeds.

If you use RSS for reading information already, you already know the value you can get in savings loads of time, keeping up with all information, and aggregating multiple websites of information into one simple program. How much time? I would guess that if you spend 1-3 hours a day reading arcade game forums and Craigslist listings you could save up to half of that time! Here’s the comparison. (more…)