Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom CPO Reproductions

That’s a mouthful, and something you wouldn’t sit down and think “Hey, there’s a big money maker”. But that is what makes this Buck Rogers project so cool! I’ve been in touch on and off with Shaun for over a year, usually over a period like that an artwork project gets dropped and is never finished. But he got back in touch, sent me photos of the overlay and said everything is done and ready to roll if anyone else needs one. (more…)

Picked up Sega Frogger in Indianapolis Today

Wouldn’t you know. I made arrangements to get out and pick up this Frogger today on the first snow of the winter here in Indianapolis. The friend who owns the truck went with me, so that took the slight worry away since I was using someone else’s vehicle. The Frogger was the only thing sitting in a garage just south of Broadripple. Sad and dusty inside, this Frogger has been sitting in a house for 15 years.

Driving in winter weather to get Frogger


Photos of Rare Pac-man Bootleg – Mazeman?

A cool surprise this morning. Posted in my Arcade Game Collecting Community forum, some photos of a Pac-man ripoff by ‘Entertainment Industries’ called Maze man. I could only find a couple mentions of the game online and no images. I won’t be able to share the photos from that thread, but I do have some photos that were shared with me from another collector.

Mazeman Cocktail Number 2 - Photo 1