New Space Invaders Website Design – Game

One of my long list of tasks to tackle between my semesters was to do a design for Brian at This is the kind of custom work I live for, someone that has seen my work, likes what I do and they kind of let me run with some ideas. I got some general suggestions like ‘Not too serious, think Mars Attacks but with Space Invaders”. In the end, it was less comical Mars Attacks and more “If Space Invaders were on Xbox Live, how might the game look?” (more…)

Custom Space Invaders Video Shake Fix

Space Invaders Shaking Video Tutorial

Recently my Space Invaders started to show signs of the crappy Amp edge connector problem. Poor contact between the connector and the Space Invaders pcb causes the video to randomly shake, wave, wiggle or whatever you’d like to call it. For awhile I was able to solve the problem with a Fonz like rap on the side of the cabinet, but as time went on the problem became more pronounced until it was always there when the game was powered on. I was determined to fix the video display problem so here is my custom & reversible connector fix.

Homestar Runner, Space Invaders on Scrubs, Mappy Marquees Running Low