Reproduction Star Wars Yoke Overlays – Why the colors are so difficult

Around late September 2008 Rich at This Old Game got films from Scott Evans (owned of a good chunk of original Atari production films) for the Star Wars cockpit artwork. As far as I know, only the control panel overlays and the yoke have been reproduced in some larger quantities over the years. However, the yoke seems to be of particular interest because of the poor comparison quality of previous reproductions. If there’s one guy that has the skill, and the trust of collectors to print revisions until every detail is right, it’s Rich Lint. Here’s what is going on with this project so far. (more…)

Photos of the Star Wars Cockpit artwork films

As I write a separate post on the Star Wars Yoke overlay, I figured I might be best served to break out these photos into a separate, short post.

All of the pieces of artwork for the coveted Atari cockpit are here inside and out, including the scaled down artwork for the side of the cabinet and the marquee backglass. I don’t see the piece for Darth Vader, the largest piece of artwork for the cockpit, but I’m sure it’s there. (more…)

Arcade Links for 2008-04-14

Stars Wars Convention / Adam Hughes – Indianapolis

Yesterday went pretty fast.

The morning started out with me waiting for about 25 minutes at the exhibitor entrance to the convention center, as David tried to get a badge for me. As it ended up, somehow he got one of the convention team to escort me in to the exhibitor hall. Now, mind you, tickets are not cheap, and we were inside almost two hours earlier than general admission, and one hour before even the fan club was let in. It was awesome, to be able to walk around before anyone else and just take my time.

We tried a couple of times to go to some of the speaking events, but there were lines even for that stuff, which was ridiculous.

We saw so many interesting costumes, the most interesting of which would have to be, hands down, the Slave Leia’s that were walking around with barely any clothing on. I know that I couldn’t do it, no matter how much I loved any movie.

Our contact runs a T-Shirt booth, so for awhile we helped him out by folding shirts. He was selling shirts hand over fist, and had an overnight shipment that needed to get on his racks.

We ended up going to Hooters for lunch, that was cool. After lunch we saw the R2-D2 building club, where these guys would build realistic, lifesize R2-D2’s, some of which actually rolled around, and displayed the Leia’s distress message from Episode 4: A New Hope.

The end of the day, we were in line to meet the Episode III art department. I only got to see part of that because we ended up going out to dinner just inside the mall with Adam Hughes and Allison Sohn, at Azkaban’s. It was really good food, and Adam is so funny. I really like them, and David really is good friends with both of them, always keeping them in mind and their needs at cons. So, David is a good guy to be friend’s with, but he’s a hoot either way, and the fact that he is connected really isn’t that big of a deal.

After we got home, David took Christine and he girls and headed off into the rainy sunset for Pittsburgh. I got a message from Christine today telling me what a great time she is having, but they got no sleep, arriving in Penn. somewhere around 4 am.

Meanwhile, Sarah working last night, and then she went up to school and did some scrap booking stuff with a group up there. I was asleep on the couch when she finally got home, but when she called, she sounded really happy, so I think she had a lot of fun.

Today, I went in to work to finish up a layout that was a touch over due, and then we worked more on the office in preparation of the Stutz show at the end of the week. I hope we can pull it off, but the walls are finally looking good.

Sarah did some correspondence today, as well as some other things around the house. I finished trimming all of the vines off the fence, and decided to mow both the front and back lawns, so today has been productive already.

Tonight I posted two movies that I have seen in the past week.

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