Photos of Arcade and Pinball Games at St. Louis Super Auctions Nov. 2008

It’s super late, and I need to be in bed. I got the 80 some photos from Pat and Chris in St. Louis for the Super Auction tomorrow. Looks to be a doozie, there are a ton of classic games the night prior, which means this could fill out even further tomorrow. There are also a ton of newer, modern pins that seem to be fairly popular. Guys on Klov are speculating that some of these items would have been at the Super Auction in Detroit had it not been canceled. (more…)

Super Auction Prices Pinball Expo 2008

On Friday night I made a quick mention of some of the final prices at the Pinball Expo 2008 Super Auction. I finalized the photos with prices and have them loaded up in a gallery. Don’t be too surprised when you don’t see very many classic games though. 😉

Caveman Pinball Cabinet Artwork
“Oh, Oh! And boom goes the dynamite” says the Caveman.


Summer Indianapolis Super Auction

I was very suprised to see this listed on the Super Auctions auction page back in April. I had considered going over to Dayton
to check out that auction they were putting on in May, and they had another one the same day as the Pinball at the Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI. It seemed like this summer they are really making a push to get out there and make more auctions.

I very much think this will be a one time deal, and could prove very interesting. Robert doesn’t recall a Super Auction since he
has been in the hobby, so they haven’t been here for at least 10 years. I don’t know if they will bring inventory with them, reading their website that is a very good possibility.

All I know is that the project games in Kzoo, and some of the regular ones went for very little money, even more so than the US Amusement auctions, so I am really looking forward to this one. I am having issues finding someone with a vehicle that will be around, but that will have to just work itself out.

Don’t know what I will be able to post about the auction. I have heard that they are really weird about you taking photos, which I don’t have any idea why. I will try anyway, it’s a free country.

Update: The auction didn’t go down today, the website said “Auction Postponed”. I was irked to say the least, because the post didn’t come up until late Friday night more than likely, because I didn’t see it before I went downtown. I do hope they re-schedule, but I know they pissed off a bunch of people who came from 90 miles away or more. Especially with the way gas prices are right now.