Dig Dug cabaret CPOs have started printing

Remember the Dig Dug cabaret artwork that I worked on last September? This Old Game posted an update to let us know he has started printing that limited run of overlays. (more…)

Update on the Mappy Kickplate Reproductions

Been waiting on new kickplate for your Mappy arcade machine? I posted awhile back about finishing the Mappy artwork separations and sending the files off to This Old Game. Well, today Rich posted an update at Coinopspace.com on his weekly Friday blog that he has been making the films and the artwork may print as early as this week! (more…)

Reproduction Star Wars Yoke Overlays – Why the colors are so difficult

Around late September 2008 Rich at This Old Game got films from Scott Evans (owned of a good chunk of original Atari production films) for the Star Wars cockpit artwork. As far as I know, only the control panel overlays and the yoke have been reproduced in some larger quantities over the years. However, the yoke seems to be of particular interest because of the poor comparison quality of previous reproductions. If there’s one guy that has the skill, and the trust of collectors to print revisions until every detail is right, it’s Rich Lint. Here’s what is going on with this project so far. (more…)

Oversize films at This Old Game

As I have gotten to know Rich over the past 6-9 months I have gotten to know a lot about his business and how the production moves from the initial interest of a reproduction artwork project down to the final physical pieces. Sending out films for production that are considered oversize can add a little bit of time to a project. Well, Rich recently got a doozie of a deal that is going to make his capabilities to print full size arcade sideart much easier. (more…)

Agent X / Cloak & Dagger Kickplate Artwork Film Updates

Got a nice surprise sitting in my email when I got in last night to check. Rich just got the films back for the Agent X kickplate artwork for the complete package he is printing for Rick Ford. It was tremendous to see a final printed piece of arcade artwork in the Professor Pacman control panels, but to see this artwork is even more exciting.

Agent X Kickplate – View 1