Sizing Your Arcade Artwork Scan

Now that you have the scans of your arcade cabinet artwork finished and the sideart is stitched together you are ready to start tracing those scans into vector artwork using Illustrator. But one important tip before you just place your scan and start tracing, we need to look at what size your artwork needs to be before you start. It can be tempting to just jump right in and start drawing over your scans, but even the fastest computers can get bogged down when trying to re-render if you have a hi-resolution scan with a complex piece of vector artwork. You need to copy and downsample your original scan to a piece of artwork you can easily work with and manipulate, and here’s how. (more…)

Make a classic arcade logo in 5 minutes

There was a topic thread started today on BYOAC where a member was trying to make a simple logo with a double thick outline. This is A-typical of arcade logos on flyers and designs from the 1980’s. Fortunately, making a similar retro arcade logo today is easy, it’s quick and only takes 5 minutes. So here we go, a short little how-to tutorial on designing your own old arcade logo. (more…)