How to use the CoinOpSpace forums

This post is very much targeted to address some of the questions about how Ning has structured the use of their forums. I hope that this answers some questions that I have been getting. To state again, the Ning forums are just a piece of the overall picture of creating a user community. The forums are not nearly as in depth as something like vBulletin, they are very stripped down to what is needed – reply, add images and some basic formatting. But some of the common quick links are available. (more…)

Tutorial – Change your coin door to accept tokens

You’ve got your gameroom full of your favorite games, but you’ve decided that you want to change those games over from accepting quarters to accepting tokens. I didn’t write this article, but it is a very good post detailing how you can change over all of your coin door ‘mech’ or ‘mechs’ to accept tokens. Strap in, the tutorial is long but it has lots of photos. Enjoy! (more…)

Start a website – How to choose domain name

Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a couple of arcade blog / arcade collecting themed websites pop up. I have also had a couple of questions about starting / revising an existing arcade game website so I thought it might be appropriate to give some tips on choosing a name for your website / domain name / web address and what tools are available to do just that. (more…)

Stencil a Ms. Pac-man Cabinet – Part 3

In the last piece of the Ms. Pac-man cabinet stenciling tutorial, we learned about some of the tools necessary to properly apply paint, the costs for some of those items and how to effectively apply the paint to the cabinet.

The primer is done, and today we have the photos of the Glidden Blue Rhapsody applied to the Ms. Pacman. She is looking more like the classic all the time, check it out. (more…)

Stencil a Ms. Pac-man Cabinet – Part 2

Too long in between tutorials, and it is completely my fault. But its finally time for part two of the re-stenciling your Ms. Pac-man tutorial. Wundercade has primed and painted his Ms. Pac-man and the cabinet looks beautiful so far. Let’s jump right in, starting with the tools you will need. (more…)

Visual definition of ‘bleeds’ – arcade artwork

A handful of arcade game collectors possess some graphic design knowledge and understand the basic theory of reproducing cabinet artwork; scan the artwork, stitch it in Photoshop, and then trace the vector lines and shapes in Illustrator. But not too many know about one of the most important details of reproduction artwork preparation – including the step to add bleeds to your shapes to compensate for small shifts in registration. Don’t understand how bleeds work? That is what we’re going to illustrate in this post. (more…)

Wrap text around your arcade images

Wrapping text around the images in your arcade blog posts is really easy. Simple and to the point, here are some simple formatting tips for your arcade blog website that can help your images better support your copy visually without being a distraction. (more…)