Ms. Pac-man Marquee Reproduction Versions

I can only guess that there have been a number of different Ms. Pac-man marquee reproductions floating around over the past ten years, especially before 2000 when Two-Bits officially started offering licensed artwork from Namco. I am going to go over three different versions of the Ms. Pac-man marquees in this post including detail photos of the Ms. Pac-man marquee you can purchase from Two-Bits. Check out the detailed photos and additional information after the jump. (more…)

Two Bits Ms. Pac-man Control Panel Overlay Artwork Inaccurate

Everyone should know that when you buy artwork for your Pac-man / Ms. Pac-man from Two-Bits you are buying crap. But I still see questions, comments and discussion on arcade game forums from new collectors who aren’t sure if they should buy a bezel, control panel overlay, or the vinyl Ms. Pac-man sticker artwork or not to restore their own machines.

I’m here to show you why you shouldn’t buy the control panel overlay. You’ll be shocked at the terrible inaccuracy of the Ms. Pac-man artwork from Two-Bits. Oh yeah, and I have a scan of the Ms. Pac-man control panel overlay for you if you are interested in downloading it to vectorize and print yourself. (more…)