USAmusements Auction Video

Over the weekend at the fall USAmusements auction I took a little video showing a bit of the auction for those of you who aren’t familiar with how and arcade game auction works in Indianapolis. It’s short, and only shows the auctioneer selling some of the miscellaneous parts and coin-op equipment but gives you a little bit of an idea of the setting. (more…)

Video tutorials on discharging monitors and “doing” a cap kit

A mere year and a half ago doing a “Cap Kit” stirred a sense of fear of the unknown within me, as well as a feeling of inadequacy that made me feel like a wuse arcade collecting poser too afraid to dive head first into working with electronics.

I searched online for a “how-to”, or a tutorial that would get me a solid definition and visually show me how to perform a “cap kit” . Heck, it took me a week or so just to figure out that cap = capacitor, I was really starting from ground zero, or ground “beisbol” as Warren would say.

Since that time, I have changed a fair amount, not a ton, of capacitors on monitor chassis’s in hopes of fixing minor display glitches in my games. But I still wish I would have had some sort of photo collage or video tutorial showing me how a cap kit was done, and done right.

Last night, I came across these tutorials posted on the BYOAC forums. There are three YouTube videos, two on performing a “cap kit”, and one on discharging a monitor. Two of the well done starter videos were put together by a KLOV member “p1899m”. I wish I would have had these when I started. (more…)

Exidy’s Arcade Warehouse Raid Video

Ever experienced a ‘warehouse’ raid? This is the term arcade game collectors give to the event where you find an old operator’s warehouse full of classic games waiting to be purchased in a bulk buy. This video of Jon Exidy finding a warehouse of games is one of the better ones with so many popular games – Q*Bert, Defender, Star Wars, every popular game is in this warehouse, it is every collector’s dream. (more…)

Cloverfield Commercial – Slusho!

When I saw the trailer for Cloverfield a number of months back, I was pretty excited about the movie. I knew that it was the brainchild of J. J. Abrams, who created Lost and was involved with Mission Impossible 3.

I don’t have time to research this a lot right now, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this video for “Slusho – Happy Expressions”. It’s this Japanese drink company and somehow it relates to the Cloverfield movie debuting on the 18th of January next year. It’s some sort of viral campaign for the movie, I think I read somewhere that there is a contest to make the best Slusho Commercial. Check it out. If you don’t say to yourself, “What the Hell?” then you may need to check yourself into a rehab program, you my friend are too far gone and things like this seem like everyday life. But I love random stuff, and this made me laugh out loud.

World’s Largest Arcade Machine

The World’s Largest Arcade Machine, verified supposedly by the Guinness Book of World Records, was a video I came across on the Klov forums tonight.

More ludicrous than anything else, I think that building the largest coin-operated machine in theory is pretty cool, but in reality it just looks stupid. You have to stand on a stool to play it, with hand sized buttons and a screen so large your retnas are fried before you can say “Sammy Davis Junior only got one eye.”

The World’s Largest Arcade Machine measures 14 feet tall, has a 75 inch screen, weighs 1300 pounds and I think in the video they say it’s 9 feet wide. What a colossal waste of space. They have a tiny little motherboard in it that plays 150 games and the style arcade game makes most of us collectors, with a taste for true art, die a little inside. The World’s Largest Arcade Machine is fashioned after the popular Mame machines of today, with the artless sides, and the generic lightning bolt, fire storm, or other combination of black veneer details that makes us think, “Big black waste of space anyone?”

It’s like all of the entertainment value of a season of American Idol, 1 minute stretched out to make a year of shows and you wonder where the time went. My favorite part was the real “Coins”, and the fact that although the largest game ever takes up more space than your guest room, the machine isn’t capable of freeplay.