Thift Sale and Getting Sick

Wes and Kate stayed over, so we had breakfast together, egg mcmuffins. Sarah and Kate went up almost to the northside for a large thift type sale at a church. Since it was so close to the northside, we knew there would be awesome sales on stuff from the upper crust cast offs.

Soon after breakfast, I didn’t feel so good. I got some sort of 6 hour flu. Until the early afternoon I felt dizzy and weak, all I could do was sleep and watch tv.

Sarah got back just about the time I started to feel better. They made out like bandits, I also got some really nice suits for $20. Sarah got some shirts for me, some jeans, an awesome Pineapple slicer for a couple of bucks (regular $20 on QVC) and a cheap paraffin bath ($5, regulary $50).

Now that I was moving around, I continued the plans I had for the rest of the afternoon. I headed up to Robert’s to pick up that switching power supply for the Tetris and we hung out and chatted for a couple of hours.

When I got home, we had a quick dinner and then took Nokes out for a walk.

I don’t remember what I did for the rest of the night. I know I relaxed, watched some tv, messed around on the computer and played some arcade games. I know I never did get to my studying which stunk. But tomorrow I will be better.

The surprise birthday party!

Like a number of days lately, I have been off from work. I had a productive day. I started the morning off by working on my blog for an hour. Then I had a rigid schedule of alternating studying and following up on different tasks. I followed up on some freelance work, and I also checked in on my stupid laptop with HP. They didn’t pick up:(

Not a week ago, the chair on my nice office chair broke off. I called and emailed the company, they are on the west coast, so the phone call didn’t work. Hopefully the email will.

Later on I ran an errand to the vacuum store just up the road to drop ours off to be looked at. Turns out I didn’t something with it I shouldn’t have that may have not damaged it permanently, but it will need a tweak. That’s fine, we’ve never even had this hand me down looked at, and it looks like a hunk of junk. They are going to fix the bag door, and work on a better system for storing the cord.

By the time I got back, I had a little bit of time to study and then I went and lifted with Dave.

Onto the big event for the night. This is the story. The three girls(Sarah, Kim and Kate) originally had this big scheme. Brian turned 30, Wes will turn 30 in a month, and I was right in the middle, not turning 30:)

The idea was, throw the two of them off, by giving them a surprise birthday party at the Rothe’s. Or, that is what I heard the plan was. I wasn’t supposed to hear that at all, actually. Sarah said Kate sort of let it slip, it was supposed to be for all of us. Naturally, I was pretty bummed about that. In my mind, the party wasn’t at all for me anymore.

Wes and Kate got to our house after work, and from what I was told, Brian was supposed to show up, and the three guys were supposed to leave and have drinks or something. (The girls cover was a “jewelry party”, the whole story had quite a few holes, but it all ended well.) Brian never came, and I just assumed that the girls wanted us to leave, so Wes and I headed just down the road to try out some of the “local” bars.

We stayed at the first one for about 5 minutes, with country music blaring, a guy and what looked like another guy making out, and some other interesting characters it was a little too much “local” flavor for the both of us. The second bar / restaurant was better and we stayed there until about 7:45.

I figured Wes had it all worked out before we left, and when we got back I thought it would be obvious, but he was still surprised. We had a good crowd, 20 or so people, the usual folks from church and another 6-8 of Brian’s high school friends and Wes and Kate’s neighbors. Brian ended up having to work late, and was under the impression the surprise was for me, so he was waiting for us to come back when he saw some of his buddies show up, and then he was surprised. Just not in the overwhelming instantaneous fashion.

Party was great, people stayed a long time. The people we didn’t know as well stayed until probably 11, and the core group hung out and chatted until after midnight. The guys were outside, joking and laughing by the rip-roaring fire, the girls inside on the couches laughing at the guys.

It was a great party, and the arcade games got some good use, maybe 45 minutes or so I got to show off the Jr. Pac-man and people played Pengo on the new 96 in 1 Pac-man kit that I installed last night.

Great night. Wish I could have been part of the surprise…but maybe next year.

Girls night out, guys night in.

Right after work I got over to the gym and met up with Dave. Today was Sarah’s last day of her fall break, and she was spending it with Kim, being a great friend and helping her make it to the mall to take care of some things, including the baby announcements.

I picked up a meat stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy’s and headed home. Sarah got home soon after, and we had just enough time to do some cleaning up and such before Wes and Kate got there. Kate and Sarah rode together over to Sarah’s for a girls night, Wes and I hung out and did the guy thing. Tonight, the guy thing consisted of pizza, drinks, and playing a ton of Jr. Pac-man. I had wanted to do some work on some things in the garage with Wes’ help, but that didn’t work out. Just as well, we had a great time talking and hanging out.

My parents arrived at about 8:45, so we entertained, helped unload, etc. until the girls got back. Then everyone headed downstairs for some more Jr. and Ms. Pac-man playing.

After Wes and Kate left, we all played a round of Euker before I got to bed at a decent hour. Saturday is my practice exam, and although I didn’t get to study tonight, I am as prepared as I should be. The test is supposed to find my weak areas to help me study more, not to pass with flying colors. (Although that would be nice.)