Bootleg or Willis Mr. Do! Artwork

Got an email from a reader who has a Universal style Mr. Do! that he built from scratch! As I wait on photos from him for that cool project he also sent me photos of the artwork on the cabinet. The control panel artwork has some elements from the original Universal control panel, but is a bootleg and feels a lot like a Willis piece. (more…)

New Resource – List of Willis Control Panel Overlay Artwork with Photos

When I was visiting Chris Moore over the weekend on my trip to pick up my Universal Mr. Do! in Chicago I was messaged by another collector who posted on RGVAC looking for a photo of a Willis Galaga overlay. Another collector has listed a bunch of parts and artwork on ebay, and he was wanting to check on the condition of the Willis overlay vs. another original.

I got to thinking about how ironic that was. Here I was, sitting at the one collector’s house that I know of that actually has a phenomenal collection of Willis artwork, and someone messages me looking for a comprehensive list of all of the artwork every produced. So, I snapped off some images and complied my own photo gallery list of Willis reproduction control panel overlays. (more…)