Donkey Kong WordPress Theme – Ver. 1

I was surprised that I didn’t get more votes on my poll about arcade game WordPress Themes. Not sure if many collectors don’t care, if they thought I wouldn’t really make the themes or what.

I got two votes for Donkey Kong, so here is the first version of a Donkey Kong WordPress theme. Now I do want to hear from you. What would you like to see and keep these things in mind;

  • This is a simple theme. I want to keep it that way, extra WordPress features can be added in by the user and customized.
  • This template may or may not be for beginner’s. Some knowledge of html, css, WordPress and design in general is assumed.
  • The watermark is there for obvious reasons 😉
  • This template is widget ready
Donkey Kong WordPress Theme LogoDonkey Kong WordPress Theme Text

If you are an advanced user, you can make the custom text treatment. Otherwise, you will get a text treatment in your banner / header like the second image. Thanks to Rich for the font information for Donkey Kong.

I am curious for feedback. I won’t guarantee that I will use all of the ideas, but I think that the arcade collecting community will collectively have better ideas than just one person. Plus, these ideas can be carried through future designs. Leave a comment here on Rotheblog below about this arcade theme.


I have heard the feedback, and I agree on one point. The light blue is iconic Donkey Kong. I used the Donkey Kong light blue in the bottom of the site, and it looks good and fits.

Here is a thumbnail of the updated layout with search field on the right included (no larger view)

Donkey Kong WordPress Theme Logo

Arcade Game WordPress Themes

I am curious what you guys think. If Rotheblog started to come up with arcade game WordPress themes, which would be the first these you would like to see done? Vote on the poll below.

Now, if I haven’t listed your favorite arcade game here and you feel like there should be a WordPress theme for it, leave a comment instead below the poll. The arcade games listed here are some of the most popular and therefore most universal in interest. Plus, some classic game artwork doesn’t lend itself well to a WordPress template. Tron – yes. Sinistar – It could be done, but not as easily.

Oh, and I have purposely left off Pac-man (all variations) and Galaga for the obvious reasons. You can vote for them in the comments, but those votes will probably fall on deaf ears.

I’ll be curious to see the feedback.