Tron Arcade Game Information

Bally Midway’s arcade game Tron is one of the most popular classic movie licensed games of all time. Tron features four distinct levels of play – Grid Bugs, Light Cycles, MCP Cone and Tanks that increased in difficulty over the course of 12 levels. The original game came in three variations, the upright (UR), cocktail (sit down) and cabaret (mini). Owning a Tron arcade game today continues to be a good investment as it seems to hold its value.

I want a Tron arcade game, what do I need to know?

This page is dedicated to folks who either own a Tron arcade game, are looking to buy a Tron, or even those looking to sell their Tron. This page is intended to get you a baseline knowledge about the game from scratch. How much should I pay for the machine? How much will it cost to keep the game running? Who can I call to service the arcade game if it breaks? And of course can I fix a Tron cabinet myself?

There is no one absolute answer for each question. Owning a Tron arcade game is all about your personal situation, aptitudes and long term needs for keeping the game in your house. What you need is to find more information to expand your education, and this page should help with that.

Tron Arcade Game – Repair and Restoration Resources

The resources listed below will assist you in acquiring a Tron video game machin,e down to monitor repair and power supply swapping. If you have additional questions that these resources do not answer, just Contact Me and I should be able to get an article online that fits your needs.

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