Willis reproduction arcade artwork list

Willis produced a fair amount of reproduction artwork for arcade games in the 1980’s. There did not appear to be a comprehensive list documenting their artwork, and specifically their control panel overlays. This page is the first attempt to build an inclusive page for just that purpose.

Two arcade game websites come to mind that already have a good amount reproduction artwork that include Willis, bootleg, NOS, etc. – Reproduction Control Panel Overlays ‘Page of Shame’ on the Bombjack website and the ‘Control Panel Overlay Museum’ at Basement Arcade.com. The list at Basement Arcade shows many un-applied pieces of arcade game artwork, some NOS, some Willis pieces and some other unidentified reproductions.

If you know of other pieces that we need to add, please contact me and I will add them, or add a commment to the Willis artwork announcement post.

Update April 2013 – Chris at Tokens Only has launched a similar page showing off the most comprehensive collection of Willis artwork. You will also want to visit that page for up to date information.

Special Thanks: For supplying artwork to this resource – Chris. M, Mario D.

Asteroids OverlayWillis Asteroids Overlay
Asteroids Cocktail OverlayWillis Cocktail Asteroids Overlay
Asteroids Deluxe Overlay 1Willis Asteroids Deluxe Overlay 1
Asteroids Deluxe Overlay 2Willis Asteroids Deluxe Overlay 2
Berzerk OverlayWillis Berzerk Overlay
Bubbles OverlayWillis Bubbles Overlay
Centipede OverlayWillis Centipede Overlay
Defender Overlay 1Willis Defender Overlay 1
Defender Overlay 2Willis Defender Overlay 2
Dig Dug OverlayWillis Dig Dug Overlay 1
Dig Dug OverlayWillis Dig Dug Overlay 2
Donkey Kong OverlayWillis Donkey Kong Overlay
Donkey Kong OverlayWillis Donkey Kong Jr. Overlay
Football 4 Player OverlayWillis Football 4 Player Overlay
Frogger OverlayWillis Frogger Overlay
Front Line OverlayWillis Front Line Overlay
Galaga Overlay Version 1Willis Galaga Overlay 1
Galaga Overlay Version 2Willis Galaga Overlay 2
Galaxian OverlayWillis Galaxian Overlay
Gorf OverlayWillis Gorf Overlay
Joust OverlayWillis Joust Overlay
Jungle King OverlayWillis Jungle King Overlay
Millipede OverlayWillis Millipede Overlay
Missile Command OverlayWillis Missile Command Overlay
Moon Patrol Overlay - Version 1Willis Moon Patrol Overlay 1
Moon Patrol Overlay - Version 2Non-Willis Moon Patrol Overlay 2
Mr. Do! OverlayWillis Mr. Do! Overlay
Ms. Pac-Man OverlayWillis Ms. Pac-Man Overlay
Out of Order OverlayWillis Out of Order Sticker
Pac-Man Cocktail OverlayWillis Cocktail Pac-Man Overlay
Pac-Man OverlayWillis Pac-Man Overlay
Phoenix OverlayWillis Phoenix Overlay
Pole Position OverlayWillis Pole Position Overlay
Popeye OverlayWillis Popeye Overlay
Q*Bert OverlayWillis Q*Bert Overlay
Qix OverlayWillis Qix Overlay
Robotron OverlayWillis Robotron Overlay
Scramble OverlayWillis Scramble Overlay
Sinistar OverlayWillis Sinistar Overlay
Space Invaders Deluxe OverlayWillis Space Invaders Deluxe Overlay
Star Castle OverlayWillis Star Castle Overlay
Stargate Overlay - Version 2Willis Stargate Overlay 1
Super Cobra OverlayWillis Super Cobra Overlay
Super Pac-Man OverlayWillis Super Pac-Man Overlay
Tempest OverlayWillis Tempest Overlay
Time Pilot Overlay - Version 1Willis Time Pilot Overlay 1
Tron OverlayWillis Tron Overlay
Zaxxon OverlayWillis Zaxxon Overlay
Zookeeper OverlayWillis Zookeeper Overlay

Wico, Bootleg, or other artwork

The following have been confirmed as NOT Willis produced artwork. Confirmation sources: Patterns on printing with Willis artwork and Wico catalogs.

Crystal Castles OverlayCrystal Castles Overlay – Bootleg
Ghosts N' Goblins OverlayGhosts N’ Goblins Overlay – Bootleg
Gorf OverlayGorf Overlay – Bootleg
Joust OverlayJoust Overlay 2 – Bootleg
Jungle Hunt OverlayJungle Hunt Overlay – Bootleg
Pac-Man Overlay 2Pac-Man Overlay 2 – Wico
Pac-Man Overlay 1 - CabaretPac-Man Overlay 1 – Bootleg
Q*Bert Overlay Version 1Q*Bert Overlay 1 – Bootleg
Q*Bert Overlay Version 2Q*Bert Overlay 2 – Bootleg
Star Castle OverlayStar Castle Overlay – Bootleg
Stargate Overlay - Version 1Stargate Overlay – Wico
Stargate Overlay - Version 2Stargate Overlay – Bootleg
Time Pilot Overlay - Version 2Time Pilot Overlay – Bootleg or Wico