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Four Feathers (2002)

Rothe Blog Four FeathersTwo Stars

Heath Ledger, Wes Bentley of American Beauty and Kate Hudson. A respectable cast but not enough to make this Shakur movie the same success Elizabeth was. A long drawling war intertwined with a thickly veiled plot, this movie is as bleak as any other movie in the past that revolves around the iron ruling hand the English had in the 19th century and their obviously hideous style of fighting.

Inserting a fireworks HTML file

In the past, when I inserted a fireworks HTML, I drew a table, and then drew a cell size that fit the Fireworks graphics table I had just sliced and exported. I then placed it inside the cell, and went on my merry way.

Well, there is no need for that nested of tables. You can just create a new page in Dreamweaver, and place the Fireworks HTML in directly.

How do I change the color of a section of text?

(InDesign 2.0 not CS 3.0) The swatches palette is not the most intuitive when coming from a vector program for changing vector graphics and text colors, fills, and strokes.

In order to change the color of text, make sure that in the swatches palette, you push the T button up to the left of the tint. This activates all of the colors to be used for fills and strokes of the text, which you can change the precedence of each by click the stacked icons for the open fill “T” and the closed fill “T”.

If you want to change the values of a vector object, just click the square next to the “T” to get back to the original options. They will default to vector editing, not text.

If you want to add new colors to your swatches, just like in other adobe palettes;

Go to the bottom of the palette and click the new swatch button.

You can then double click that swatch when listed and change the CMYK values, and give it a name.

Paycheck (2004)

Rothe Blog PaycheckThree and a Half Stars

A fun, unexpected romp with an interesting premise, Paycheck is a welcome return to good movie stature for director John Woo. Ben Affleck is a corporate tool who looks donates his body in exchange for the big payoff. With the promise of one final self sustaining job he is caught in a swirling conspiracy without any memory of two years prior. A thriller that ends up being more fun in the end, a highly entertaining movie.

Family Guy Episode – Road to Rhode Island

Rothe Blog TV Family Guy
This week was the first of two weeks of Family Guy marathons on Fox. This is in preparation of new episodes next fall, and a new show by Seth McFarlane early next year. They did some promotion for that show during the episodes, but not nearly as much as I would have expected. Not to mention, why the episodes, why now, the new ones seem too far off. Is it so people remember what Family Guy was before the new fall lineups come out.

On that weird note, Why Seth picked these two episodes as some of his favorites for the marathon is beyond me. But even sub par funny episodes waste most of what is on TV now. Edgy and intelligent, Family Guy is a nice blend of the over the top offensive South Park and the Simpsons, which has become the bar for any prime time cartoon. From cannibalistic candy trees to misplaced “chin nuts”, these two episodes were two of his apparent favorites before it’s first cancellation in 2000.

Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Rothe Blog Day After TomorrowThree Stars

Thirty minutes of action that goes from solid special effects and intrigue to a typical drama and really bad dialogue. Tomorrow is a good movie in a sense, but even for a destruction movie it was anticlimactic, not really showing that much destruction in context, instead giving more global verbalizations of future destructive events.

With interesting theories on the Atlantic current and instantaneous freezing temperatures, this movie isn’t all BS. It is also good for enormous tornadoes destroying a metropolitan city where the country setting of Twister fell short. But with a weird ending I would say rent for a dollar but don’t even expect two and a half hours of good summer movie fare.

South Park the Movie (1999)

South Park The MovieFour Stars

Having seen this movie for the first time in four years, it’s rating slipped some then if I had commented on it at that time. With edgy jabs and the best musical revolving around body noises ever constructed, this is still a classic and a piece of my college nostalgia.