Bad Sellers / Traders

It is inevitable when dealing in this hobby that you will have some poor transactions. The follow list of people are folks that should watch out for when doing any sort of arcade, or heck, business deal of any nature. If details are necessary to specify the details of the gaming transaction, they will be listed.

By listing this information here I hope to prevent similar experiences happening with anyone else. I would not recommend doing any sort of video / coin-op deal with the following traders (All relevant information is listed, from online profile names to their city of residence.)

  • Edward L. Wynne – Sun Valley CA – eBay profile = “Eddiesax” – Take caution with your transaction. I did get my item, but I had very specific instructions on where it was to be sent and they were not followed, nor were those instructions receive a reply. After one return email he stopped responding.
  • Tricia & Mark Mendel – Monticello, IN – “Tricia’s Embroidery (www.triciasembroidery.com)” – Flat out didn’t make payment from their end, stopped responding to emails. Take great caution.
  • David Lowry – Broadripple, IN