Got the Hyperball working

After a 10 day wait that saved me $5, my replacement interlock switch arrived at Meunier last Friday. I was glad I got off early to go pick it up, because when I popped it in my Hyperball worked just fine. (more…)

Problems still with my Hyperball pinball

This weekend Chris brought down a bunch of games and some other goodies, including a my Hyperball MPU and Driver boards. A tech friend that I trust that knows what he’s doing did a diagnostic on the boards and made sure they were working. But when we powered on the Hyperball machine hoping to go mad shooting 55 pinballs at high speed we still had some issues. I am trying to figure things out for myself and here are my thoughts so far. (more…)

My take on a Hyperball shooter modification

When I picked up my Hyperball a couple of weeks back, I took a close look at the shooter. Apparently it is a common thing to see the tip of the shooter smashed, and sometimes slanted which can in turn scratch the myriad of balls and destroy the playfield. A pinball collector by the name of Ed Cheung has a webpage on modifying the shooter, but leaves out a couple of things that I think could be helpful. (more…)

Video playback of my now working Hyperball

I just had to share this. Within a short time, and with minimal effort the Hyperball that I brought home on Thursday night is now up and running. Not everything is perfect, I still need to find a blown fuse probably for the backglass lights, but I now have a working pinball in my possession. (more…)