Gottlieb Mad Planets

Where on an Electrohome G07 is R1?

I spent..a stupid amount of time trying to figure this out, and am going to bed without a true solution. So, if you have used Randy Fromm’s flowcharts for troubleshooting an Electrohome G07 monitor and can help me out, that would be awesome. (more…)

“Arcade away from home” Part 5 – Heading Home

The hope was that the worst days of my Chicago trip were behind us. Yesterday the truck had broken down with the games in the back, in the rain. We got it towed, but the dealership closed before we could get some answers and for all we knew, we might be in South Bend until Wednesday. Fortunately, that didn’t materialize. (more…)

“Arcade away from home” Part 4 – Smoke and Rain

In part 1, part 2, and part 3 of my story about picking up a couple of games in Chicago, everything had generally went well. I had some problems getting into town, some more expenses than expected and a hiccup on the way home from St. Louis but it seemed as though things were going fine. It didn’t end up that way… (more…)

“Arcade away from home” Part 3 – HUO Pengo!

Trust me, I’ve been itching to talk about this for over two months. A Home Use Only Pengo in awesome condition that plays blind. By the end of the trip, things certainly didn’t turn out the best, but the Pengo did make it back regardless. (more…)

Bringing back the “Arcade away from home” Part 2

I had this nice little idea where every piece of my trip to Chicago would be smooth and I would be able to crank out a post per day. Little did I know a perfect storm was brewing, in every sense, and the trip gets really interesting. But here is day two…. (more…)

Bringing back the “Arcade away from home” Part 1

Somehow in the span of a month I managed to double the size of my arcade, the only problem was all of the machines were in Chicago. In March and April I found a Mad Planets for $50, my white Mr. Do! and another game that I hope to be sharing about by Sunday and somehow I had to get them back home. (more…)

I bought an awesome Mad Planets for $50!

I’m still in shock, these things can transpire so quickly. Yesterday was a normal day, push through the leadership coursework, caught up with a couple of people, sit down in front of my computer and what do I have waiting in my RSS feeds? A Mad Planets for sale for $100 in Evanston on Craigslist. But the ad was posted at noon, surely it was gone by then. It wasn’t…and I even got it cheaper!

Mad Planets Marquee Lit Up