Privacy Policy

We do not share email addresses with third parties for any reason. All communication methods through this website are kept confidential.

This should be obvious, but all content on this website is copyright and will not be republished without expressed written permission.

Privacy for Comments

In relation to the commenting system, your email is never displayed publicly and is kept safe in the back end of our website. The email address submission is used to notify you of new comments on a post, to facilitate conversation, that is the only reason it is there. Sometimes I will contact individuals personally to thank them for visiting, so that is another method your email address may be used. Do not feel the need to add text to your email address to make it incorrect, because then the system doesn’t work.

Use of real names in blog posts in this website

I will be very forward in that the main goal of this website is to disseminate information. We want new collectors to come into the fold and buy arcade games. The best way for them to do this is to get a general idea of the collecting landscape through history and news about games.

I have a general rule of thumb for using names on this website, and here are my general guidelines;

  1. Online Profile Nill – Keep it Nill – Many collectors do the hard research to find operators, former employees of arcade manufacturers and the like. Usually these individuals they find aren’t online in the common forums at all. I like to keep their names left out of articles, and keep their profile that way. Conscious or not, they’ve made a decision to not do the online thing, and I prefer to not have them stumble across something randomly written about them – by me. Plus, for those collectors who have done the hard work, no need for me to disclose names, ruining their research for their personal collection as well as inundate those people with communication from people looking for a handout
  2. Online Profile Low – Keep it low to non existent – If you leave a comment on my site and leave an email address that has your full name, or there is some other indication, or maybe past dealings I have with you, I won’t list your full name if your existing online profile is low. Meaning, if you don’t list your name anywhere else, on other forums, etc. etc. That is a conscious choice that you have made, and the last name is really what sets people apart. However. I don’t like calling people by strange ‘handles’, I know people by real world names. So, when I refer to people I will commonly refer to them by their first name and the forum where they hang out (Sometimes I’ll reference a handle)
  3. Online Profile High – Full Name will be disclosed – If you name has already been listed in full by you in your profile name…or you post so much in forums that many collectors know you by name and call you by name occasionally, then I will do the same here.
  4. Misc – There is a lot of grey area here, but for outside reasons I reserve the right to remove names from comments when necessary. I have had posts where names were disclosed regarding posts that I made that were intended to be ambiguous in nature with good reason. I don’t like editing comments but in these situations the collector has to come first.
    • If an offline comment is made to me that is beneficial to the community as a whole, I will then evaluate whether you already have a history of online comments and add that thought as a comment, editing out intended secrecy items, with your current online profile or as an anonymous submission either with my comment profile or with blank comment fields.

These rules do not apply to the recently formed CoinOpSpace.com, whether this site exists still or not. (Formed Nov. 2008)

Terms of Use

The following are the terms of use for this website. We appreciate your visit, and hope that you continue to find the content on Rotheblog.com useful and interesting.

General – Communication, Messages, Etc.
  1. If you email or send me photos or any game related materials unsolicited, note that I will use these photos to support posts and research on this website. If you do not want photos used on this website, do not send them to me. By emailing them I consider that an agreement of compliance.
  2. Email communication – As a general rule of thumb, an email exchange I have with another person is private. I highly respect privacy and reputation. If you contact me asking a question that benefits the site as a whole, I may write a topic about it, or add it to my FAQs page. If you send me a hateful or offensive message, know that I reserve the right to do with that message as I see fit, including sharing it publicly.
  3. If you post a hateful, language laced, or in any other way offensive comment, I reserve the right to delete it outright and ban you from my website. We can disagree, but formulate your arguments well and argue your point like a grownup.
Comments on Rotheblog.com

These are the policies put forth on this website for comments and potential editing of that information.

  1. I reserve the right to delete comments outright, for any reason. Reasons may be to protect other collectors, edit out information that doesn’t need to be made available to the world (phone numbers / emails), blatant self promotion with no addition to the conversation, etc.
  2. I will not change comments, ever, to something that you didn’t say when I edit them.
  3. I reserve the right to edit your comment to fix the following problems – Formatting (spelling, spacing, vulgarity), Link inclusion
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