Atari Football

The “thrill” of printing – new repro project finally hits the press

Back in June of 2008 I finished the artwork for this “All Pro” game with no expectations on when it might actually be printed. Sounds like the time has come a little XOXO artwork will finally see the light. (more…)

Atari Football XO Separations Finished

Since I just wrote less than 24 hours ago on finishing the Atari Football XO sideart vectors, I won’t get into too much detail here. I finished the color separations, bleeds and all – here is the breakdown of those colors shown with the black artwork overlaid on top. (more…)

Atari Football XO Sideart Trace Finished

This morning I finished up the small details on the vector sideart trace for Atari Football. I did a majority of the work yesterday and just finished up some of the smaller details this morning. (more…)

Atari Football XO Artwork Update

I spent my weekend scanning and vectorizing the Atari Football artwork, among other things. Here are some images of the composite Football player scan and a screen showing the artwork traced to date.

Atari Football Artwork Scan


Atari Football Sideart Reproductions

Look what I got in the mail today! A carefully removed piece of Atari Football sideart artwork.

Atari Football cocktail sideart